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Bijur Lubrication Pumps

Manual Lubrication Pumps

Manual lubrication pumps require a machine operator to dispense lubricant. Dispensing of lubrication using a manual Bijur pump is activated on demand by the machine operator.

Manual lubrication pumps by Bijur

Bijur Automatic Lubrication Pumps (Oil) – Cyclic

Type TM pumps add flexibility to cyclic lubrication.  Complete systems can be integrated into machines already in service or they can be easily designed into new machinery.  These automatic lubrication system pumps are used in systems with a few points to 50 points.

Automatic Lubricatiing Pumps by Bijur DelimonBijur Type-TM Lubrication Pump Type TM Bijur Automatic Lubrication Pumps

Advantages Systems Types
Automatic Single Line Resistance TMD-5 (Motorized, CE Approved)
Driven by integral synchronous timing motor TM-5 (Motorized
TM-1 (Motorized)
Variety of cycle times available
Mounts at any machine location
Easy installation

Bijur Automatic Lubrication Pumps (Oil) Continuous

Contnuous oil automatic lubrication pumps.These automatic lubrication system pumps are used in a wide variety of machinery such as injection molding machines, machine tools, textile machinery, presses, printing equipment and packaging machinery.  They offer precise control over the flow rate and can accurately deliver, on a continuous basis, as little as one drop per hour.  If a heavy oil flow rate is needed, excess oil can be returned to the reservoir by a return line filter and redistributed.

Advantages Systems Lubricator Types
Warns if trouble exists Single Line Resistance V5B
Maintains oil film on bearing surfaces V5W
Gear Pump
Adapts to machine configuration
Delivers oil continuously (as little as 1 drop per hour, as much as 1 gallon per hour)
Feeds only filtered oil to bearings

Bijur Automatic Lubrication Pumps (Oil/Grease)

If you need a pump that is capable of handling oil and fluid greases, the SureFire lubricator will fill your need.  It is available in for reservoir capacities and it can adapt to a broad range of production machinery.   It is a self-contained electric motor-driven gear pump that can handle single injectors, injector groups or resistance fittings up to 100 lubrication points.

Surefire Automatic Lubrication PumpAutomatic Lubrication Pump - SurefireAutomatic Lubrication Pumps for Oil or Grease - Surefire
Advantages Systems Lubricator Types
Multiple voltage options: 115VAC, 230VAC, 24VDC and 230/480VAC three phase motor Single Line Resistance SureFire Single Phase
Positive Displacement Injector SureFire Three Phase
Outlet connections on both sides facilitate quick installations
Quick-snap reservoir release clips for quickly removing the unit for service and easy access
Large fill cap and built-in strainer for fewer spills and faster filling
Pressure switch, pressure relief valve, liquid level and pressure gauge included
Sealed electric motor enclosure and cast base protect working components from contamination

Bijur Pneumatic Lubricators (Oil)

This lubricator is operated by shop air and is a convenient method to lubricate diverse industrial machines.  Airmatic oil output is related to piston travel and cycles per unit time.  It is used where shop air is available, for example metal cutting and metal forming.  It is also used on packaging machines and processing equipment, chain lubrication and special assembly machinery.

Pneumatic Lubricators - Oil - Bijur Online

Advantages Systems Lubricator Types
Simple operation Single Line Resistance Airmatic Lubricators
Many applications Positive Displacement Injector
Handles a wide range of oil viscosities Series Progressive
Simple to sophisticated models
Controllers are available for actuating and monitoring
Models available with built-in, solid-state electronic controllers and top-mounted solenoid valves

Bijur Automatic Lubrication Pumps (Grease)

Grease Automatic Bijur PumpBijur Grease Automatic Pump - Bijur DelimonFor machinery in the automotive production, steel, printing, die-casting and injection molding, glass, materials handling, construction and transportation equipment industries grease is often the preferred lubricant. We have units that can handle most semi-fluid, soft and firm greases, up to and including, NLGI No. 2, over wide operating temperature ranges.

Bijur Delimon Automatic Lubrication Pumps for Grease

Advantages Systems Lubricator Types
Capable of handling most industrial greases Series Progressive SKA 214
SK 505
Various outputs/suit most applications MultiPort
Has wide selection of reservoir sizes SureMatic
Springless follower plates standard to prevent cavitation
Easy to service


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